Research Grants and Awards

Each year, ANNA offers awards to recognize nurse researchers as well as grants to fund research projects. Recipients are announced annually at the ANNA National Symposium.

The deadline for submitting research grant applications is November 15, 2022. Applicants who need assistance or would like feedback regarding their research proposal may submit a draft proposal by August 31, 2022, in order to receive feedback from the ANNA Research Committee prior to the final grant application deadline of November 15.

Need help getting started?

The ANNA Research Committee has developed Research Modules, a series of five educational programs for nephrology nurses to use as a resource in developing research and research grant proposals. The series is designed to assist ANNA members in applying for the clinical practice, research, and evidence-based practice grants available through ANNA.

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Nephrology Nurse Researcher Award
Research Sharing Award
Research Grant (1 grant of up to $15,000)*
Evidence-Based Practice Project Grants (3 grants of $5,000)*
Barbara F. Prowant Research Grant (1 grant of $5,000)*
Satellite Healthcare Applied Pragmatic Clinical Research Grant (1 grant of $5,000)*

*The deadline for submission of research grant applications is November 15, 2022. The deadline for other ANNA awards is October 15, 2022.