Apps and Other Resources for Your Practice


Click on the links below to access these apps for your mobile device.

  • Calculate (Medical Calculator) - Need to calculate an eGFR, determine a Kt/V, or calculate peritoneal dialysis (PD) adequacy? This app can help. The app provides calculations and decision trees within nephrology, including PD, chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, fluid and electrolytes, hemodialyisis, and transplant.
  • Dialysis of Drugs - This resource provides concise, easy-to-use information on the dialyzability of drugs in patients receiving hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
  • Epocrates - This medical reference app includes information on diseases, drugs, ICD-9 coding, health care insurance formularies, lab tests, clinical practice guidelines, and more.
  • KDIGO Guidelines for Kidney Disease - An app of the Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) delivering clinical practice guidelines in nephrology.
  • iChoose Kidney - This app and corresponding website - - serve as a decision support tool for clinicians to use with patients to help improve informed decision making about the risk of available treatment options for kidney disease.

Online Tools

  • AHRQ Safety Program for ESRD Facilities – Toolkit - This free toolkit, which includes educational videos, comprises four modules that help clinicians caring for dialysis patients follow clinical best practices, create a culture of safety, use checklists and other audit tools, and engage patients and their families in infection prevention practices.
  • CDC Clean Hands Campaign - This campaign, launched by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), promotes hand hygiene in health care settings.
  • Making Dialysis Safer for Patients Coalition - To help prevent infections in dialysis patients and increase the use of proven practices that decrease infection rates, this coalition spearheaded by CDC and including ANNA, has created  posters, checklists, and fact sheets for use in provider's offices, dialysis clinics, training sessions, and work areas. Go to Resource Center.
  • Core Interventions for Dialysis Bloodstream Infection Prevention - The CDC's Dialysis Bloodstream Infection Prevention Collaborative developed core Interventions and steps to prevent bloodstream infections in hemodialysis patients.


Advanced Practice Resources

Click here to go to page created by the ANNA Advanced Practice SPN that provides links to advanced practice resources, including clinical practice guidelines, websites, patient education resources, etc.