Nephrology Nurse Researcher Award


To recognize an outstanding nephrology nurse researcher.


$1,000 and a plaque

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Candidates for the award will be nominated.
  2. Current full member of ANNA, having been a member for a minimum of the last 2 years as of the awards/scholarship application deadline.
  3. Actively involved in nephrology nursing related health care services.
  4. Active participant in ANNA at the local and/or national level.
  5. Preferably holds a master’s or doctoral degree.
  6. The nomination packet should include documentation of the following:
    1. The nominee has conducted research that contributes to the advancement of nephrology nursing. The packet should include a list of research the nominee has completed, and any research that is in progress, with the following information:
      • Title of the research study
      • List of other researchers (if applicable)
      • Date of completion of project or projected completion of the study.
    2. The nominee has shared his/her research findings, either through presentation at ANNA meetings or publication in appropriate journals. The nomination letter will provide the following:
      • A list of presentations, including any co-presenters, with the title of the presentation, date, type of meeting (e.g., ANNA National Symposium), and site of meeting.
      • A list of publications in APA format, including other authors (if applicable), publication date, title of article, name of the journal, volume and issue, and page numbers. Note if the journal is a refereed journal.
    3. Additional comments that support the nominee as an outstanding nephrology nurse researcher.