Activity Approver Fee Schedule

CEAB Fee Schedule for CNE Accreditation Programs

Minutes Contact Hours ANNA Chapters Middle Category
ESRD Networks, Health Care Facilities, Access Centers, Nursing Homes
Other Providers
or programs receiving funding
30-60 0.5 - 1.0 $20 $100 $300
61-175 1.1 - 2.9 $30 $120 $390
180-355 3.0 - 5.9 $50 $190 $780
360-535 6.0 - 8.9 $75 $270 $1,170
540-715 9.0 - 11.9 $100 $360 $1,560
720-895 12.0 - 14.9 $125 $420 $1,950
900-1075 15.0 - 17.9 $150 $510 $2,340
> 1080   * ** **

Please Note* Any provider submitting an application that is receiving corporate support falls under the “Other Provider” category. Note: Corporate support must be fully disclosed.

**Chapter rates apply only to those programs that are sponsored solely by an ANNA chapter or a group of chapters.**

Additional Contact Hour Fees

Programs 18 contact hours or greater, an additional fee of $20 per contact hour is required. (19 contact hours = $190; 20 contact hours = $210, etc.)

Non-chapter Programs: Programs 18 contact hours or greater, an additional fee of $40 per contact hour is required. (19 contact hours = $550; 20 contact hours = $590, etc.)

Long-Term or Follow-Up Evaluation Fee

For applicants who choose the Self-Reported Change in Practice option for the Long-Term Evaluation will be required to pay an additional $15 for ANNA processing.

Non-ANNA Specialty Nursing Association Chapters

Add $19 to the ANNA Chapter Rate

Collaboration Fees: If ANNA chapters collaborate with a middle category organization, the fee is discounted by the corresponding chapter fee. For example, a $190 program would cost $140 (a difference of $50, the chapter rate). For programs supported by industry, please use the Other Providers category.

Commercial entities may not provide education (submit an application). Furthermore, commercial interest organizations can not take part in the planning of the learning activity and chapters may not submit an application on behalf of any commercial interest or corporate group.

Enduring Material Information

Enduring material can be defined as, "Materials of educational content provided to the learner that are non-live activities such as pre-recorded audio or webinars or monographs that can be read or reviewed in print, or in an electronic format. This material is considered enduring material. A pilot study, the use of historical data or the use of a mergener calculation can be used to determine the number of contact hours to award for enduring material applications.”

The method of determining contact hours must be submitted with the enduring materials application.

The initial application fee must be paid when the application is submitted as with any live activity. Fees are are listed above. The application fee includes up to 10 attendees, additional attendees exceeding 10 will be $10 per head.

A list of attendees can be emailed to the National Office quarterly, (along with all necessary return paperwork) and an invoice will be sent to you.

If you have any questions in regards to enduring material, please contact Jackie Myers, Education Services Coordinator, at

Submission Timelines / Late Fees

Please note when calculating the number of days prior to the activity date, the actual date of submission is included, the date of the activity is NOT.

  • On Time – Applications received 45 or more days prior to the educational event are considered ON TIME and will be processed at the normal application fee.
  • Late – Applications submitted 44-30 days prior are considered LATE and require triple (3x) the application fee.
  • Any application submitted less than 30 days prior to the activity date will NOT be accepted for review.

Repeating Activities

A program can be repeated for a period of 2 years after the initial approval. To repeat a program, simply submit a Repeat Activity Request form and payment at least 30 days before the event. If speaker(s) are new (not part of original application) also submit new biographical data forms and evaluation forms (which includes conflicts of disclosure).

  • Fees are the same as the initial application fee; however, there is no additional certificate fee required (as there is when submitting the your application to be approved).
  • Note: The appropriate fee must be submitted each time the activity is repeated. For example, if a chapter presents a 1.0 contact hour activity in the morning and repeats the same activity in the afternoon, the fee would be $20 for the AM session and $20 for the PM session - a total fee of $40. Refer to Repeat Educational Activities in the Guidelines.
  • If your program falls in the “Other Provider” category, and you plan to repeat the program more than 5 times, you may contact us for a potential discount on repeat fees.

Certificate Fees

  • ANNA Chapters - 100 Certificates are included in the application fee. Additional packets of 20 certificates are available for $5 per packet.
  • Non-ANNA Chapters - 50 Certificates are included in the application fee. Additional packets of 20 certificates are available for $10 per packet.

Certificate Retrieval Fee

  • Member = $10 for 1-5 certificates, $5 for each additional certificate.
  • Nonmember = $20 for 1-5 certificates, $10 for each additional certificate.

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