Achievements Over the Years

Below are highlights of ANNA activities, initiatives, and achievements during each Association year and presidential term.

Year ANNA President Achievements Annual Report Year in Review
2021-2022 David Walz View View View
2020-2021 Lillian Pryor View View View
2019 Tamara Kear View View View
2018-2019 Lynda Ball View View  
2017-2018 Alice Hellebrand View View  
2016-2017 Sheila Doss McQuitty View View  
2015-2016 Cindy Richards View View  
2014-2015 Sharon Longton View View  
2013-2014 Norma Gomez View View  
2012-2013 Glenda Payne View View  
2011-2012 Rowena Elliott View View  
2010-2011 Donna Painter View View  
2009-2010 Donna Bednarski View View  
2008-2009 Sue Cary View View  
2007-2008 Sandra Bodin View View  
2006-2007 JoAnne Gilmore View View  
2005-2006 Suzann VanBuskirk View View  
2004-2005 Lesley Dinwiddie View View  
2003-2004 Caroline Counts View View  
2002-2003 Gail Wick View    
2001-2002 Mary Ann Gould View    
2000-2001 Jean Nardini View    
1999-2000 Patricia Weiskittel View    
1998-1999 Carolyn Latham View    
1997-1998 Karen Robbins View    
1996-1997 Christy Price View    
1995-1996 Nancy Gallagher View    
1994-1995 Karen Schardin View    
1993-1994 Terran Warren Sims View    
1992-1993 Barbara Bednar View    
1991-1992 Marilyn Neff View    
1990-1991 Sally Burrows-Hudson View    
1989-1990 Evelyn Butera View    
1988-1989 Patricia Jordan View    
1987-1988 Gail Wick View    
1986-1987 Janel Parker View    
1985-1986 Geraldine Biddle View    
1984-1985 Beth Ulrich View    
1983-1984 Mary Baker View    
1982-1983 Dawn Brennan View    
1981-1982 Nancy Sharp View    
1980-1981 Carmella Bocchino View    
1979-1980 Susan Yuhas View    
1978-1979 Lois Foxen View    
1977-1978 Susan Hopper Pfettscher View    
1976-1977 Marcia Clark View    
1975-1976 Martha Leonard Orr View    
1973-1975 Lois Bernbeck
Betty Preston Oates
1971-1973 Mary O'Neill View    
1970-1971 Beth Cameron View    
1969-1970 Bernice Hinckley View