ANNA Membership Categories and Dues Structure

Membership Categories

Full Membership

Any registered nurse licensed in the United States, Canada, or Mexico who is interested in the care of nephrology patients is eligible for active membership. International membership is available to registered nurses living outside of North America.

Associate Membership

All licensed practical/vocational nurses, technicians, dietitians, social workers, physicians, and others interested in the care of nephrology patients qualify for associate membership. Associate members have all the privileges of active membership, except voting, holding office, serving as chairpersons of standing committees, or serving on certain committees.

International (and Virtual International) Membership

International membership is available to registered nurses living outside of North America. Virtual international members do not receive print materials; they receive email notification of the availability of materials online (Nephrology Nursing Journal, ANNA Update, and conference program/registration information).

Student Membership

Any student within a nursing program leading to licensure as a registered nurse is eligible for student membership. If the student has already attained the status as an RN, the member is considered a full member and student membership does not apply. To apply for student membership, please download and print the membership application and remit the application accompanied with a statement from you that shows the name and address of the nursing school in which you are enrolled.

Senior Membership

Full members for the 5-year period prior to attaining the age of 65 are eligible to become senior members. Full membership privileges apply. Please contact the ANNA National Office for more information.

NSNA Partnership Program with ANNA

Members of the National Student Nurses' Association are invited to join ANNA as virtual members. Click here for more information on ANNA's partnership program with NSNA.

Membership Dues

1 Year Full Member $80
1 Year Associate Member $70
1 Year International Member $120
1 Year Student Member* $40
1 Year Senior Member* $40
1 Year Virtual International Member $70
2 Year Full Member $150
2 Year Associate Member $130
2 Year International Member $220
2 Year Virtual International Member $130
3 Year Full Member $220
3 Year Associate Member $190
3 Year International Member $320
3 Year Virtual International Member $190

*Requires verification and is not available online.